Octet Typing test

Test and compare typing speed.

Keyboards / Input devices

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  • Manage keyboard configurations
  • Compare your typing speed, accuracy, hold key time, on different configurations.


  • WPM == Word per minute
  • CPM == Character per minute
  • Hold time == The time a key is held
  • The test begin when you begin to type.
  • You can manage the differents typing test you have done by clicking on detail on a Keyboard.
  • Set the test duration by changing the timer value on the right of the typing input.

How the results are calculated

  • WPM : total correct key press / 5 / test duration * 60
  • CPM: total correct key press / test duration * 60
  • Accuracy: (correct key press / (correct keypress + wrong keypress)) * 100
  • Hold time: micro time when keyup - micro time when keypress
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